Operation Manatee #236 – Thar Be Deals

We now take you to the live feed of the CJTR vault o’ goodies, where all the garage sale items are being held. Ok, not really.. but this is reasonable facsimile of that vault……. ok, not really again, this one is WAAAAY more organized.

In case you haven’t heard, this weekend is the CJTR Garage Sale at the Exchange. From noon to 5 pm, you can browse boxes upon boxes of CD’s, vinyl and even other musical items. Come check it out!

Or this weekend, if you like your international flavors, you can check out the Mosaic in Regina. This one snuck up on us, so you can view more details about it here. We here at OpMan ALWAYS recommend the sausage and perogies.

Tune in at 11:00 pm to get more of your favorite CJTR hosts, spinning their own mix of new and wonderful music!

1. Alien Weaponry – Holding My Breath
2. The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up
3. Golden Drag – Aphex Jim
4. Kelly Fraser – Looking For A Seal
5. Dragonfly Empire – Hold Down The Fort
6. Supaman (feat. Northern Cree) – Somewhere
7. Thundercat – Tokyo (Chop Not Slop Remix)
8. La Roux – In For The Kill
9. Dangermouse – Dirt Off Your Shoulder
10. Kaada – Farewell

Operation Manatee #235 – What’s More Spring?

Though the cynics would say that it’s all just a product of global warming, it’s hard not to appreciate a string of good weather and a little bit of warmth, especially after the long winter… I mean, regular length winter that just FELT longer this time around.

So we check in on spring and what it means to be in the throngs of spring, considering it’s now less than a month until the official start of summer. And the year will already be half over. Where does the time go?

Speaking of, come spend a little time with us listening to some great spring tunes. Tune in on 91.3 FM on CJTR.

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Operation Manatee #234 – Takin’ it Easy

There’s something big and eventful on the horizon, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s not something I was eaglely looking forward to… bah, it’ll come to me later I’m sure.

But in the meantime, let us fly into your airwaves and serenade you with some gentle squeaks and squawks.

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Operation Manatee #232 – Colorful Endings

Sometimes, the drab can be wonderful in its simplicity. But there are other times when you need to bring out the color palette and see what colors pop to the world.

Instead of looking at creepy morbid gravestones, here’s something bright and beautiful, with potentially sinister undertones.

Tune in at 11:00 pm on 91.3 FM in Regina or online at http://www.cjtr.ca.

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