Operation Manatee #235 – What’s More Spring?

Though the cynics would say that it’s all just a product of global warming, it’s hard not to appreciate a string of good weather and a little bit of warmth, especially after the long winter… I mean, regular length winter that just FELT longer this time around.

So we check in on spring and what it means to be in the throngs of spring, considering it’s now less than a month until the official start of summer. And the year will already be half over. Where does the time go?

Speaking of, come spend a little time with us listening to some great spring tunes. Tune in on 91.3 FM on CJTR.

1. Axolotes Mexicanos – Doble Chock
2. Ruby Karinto – Fox’s Wedding
3. Bugat – Sabes Muy Bien
4. Mexican Institute Of Sound – Más!
5. Polkadot Cadaver – Get Possesed
6. Tom Waits – Ol’ 55
7. Berice – He’s The Man
8. Guidewire – React More
9. Burn The Priest – Jesus Built My Hotrod
10. MonoNeon – Lord Medley

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