Operation Manatee #239 – Soy Happy You Came

It’s another Tuesday night and you know what that means; only an hour left in TACO TUESDAY!

Wait, no… I mean, it could mean that but in this case, we’re hanging out and we’re going to listen to some more great music together. You might be maxxing and relaxing or you might be finishing off the night shift. But wherever you are, thanks for listening and tuning in!

Follow along online at http://www.cjtr.ca or tune the dial to 91.3 FM in Regina and join us, won’t you?

1. Clutch – How To Shake Hands
2. Muse – Plug In Baby
3. The Dagan Harding Band – Artistic Thievery
4. CHVRCHES – Wonderland
5. Head Automatica – Please Please Please
6. Kelly Fraser – Sedna
7. Kid Koala – Blueprints
8. Moby – Mere Anarchy
9. Rae Spoon – Do Whatever The Heck You Want
10. August Greene – Optimistic

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