Operation Manatee #246 – Get the Memo

It’s getting chill in here, so put on all your clothes…

It’s a great time of the year! Children are no longer walking the streets with impunity and the weather is crisp. Not terribly cold just yet, but refreshing when you step out of the door. Tonight, there might even be frost, not that it will last too long.

Let’s all agree, we won’t judge the Pumpkin Spice Latte fans, or the guys that wear shorts into November or even that guy that walks around asking “Is it cold enough for you?”. It’s a great time of year to enjoy some ambiance and listen to some music! So join us, won’t you? 91.3 FM in Regina.

1. The Elwins – Party All The Time
2. KNLO – Ville-Marie
3. Zevious – Ritual-Based Symmetries
4. Grandaddy – Clear Your History
5. Serpentwithfeet – Whisper
6. Charlotte Day Wilson – Funeral
7. Nelward – Fashion
8. ANNA – Again, Again
9. Death From Above – Keep It Real Dumb
10. Abayomi – Abra Sua Cabeça

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