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Operation Manatee #247 – Together we Burn!

Well, summer’s over… call it, time of death; tonight.

At least we haven’t had any snow yet, knock on wood, like other cities nearby. It’s getting close though with it’s constant rain and near zero temperatures. Soon enough though, penguins will be sliding on the sidewalks and we’ll all be huddling over barrels.

In the meantime, let’s heat up the night with some great music and spicy commentary. Tune in at 11:00 pm tonight on 91.3 FM in Regina.

1. Tom Morello feat. K. Flay – Lucky One
2. Snotty Nose Rez Kids – Skoden
3. Charge It To The Game – Acting Out
4. National Parks Project – The Humble Fawn
5. Ginla – Infinet
6. Jungle – Give Over
7. Tom Waits – Bella Ciao
8. Web Web – Dance Of The Demon
9. Jeremy Dutcher – Ultestakon

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