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Radiothon Is On This Week

Regina Community Radio is running our annual fundraiser this week!

This means top-quality programming, with special shows all week, special guests, crazy formats, and heaps of fun!

Regina Community Radio is people-powered radio. I’ve (Chris) been volunteering at CJTR for 9 years now, and co-hosting Operation Manatee for just about 6 years – partly just because I like it, but partly because I believe community radio plays a big part in local culture! CJTR is present at virtually every local event because we have something to offer the entire community.

For one week, each year, we ask the community to give back. We even throw in some very cool perks to those to donate!

Call the Radiothon hotline at 306-525-7274 or head to to donate securely online!

Thanks for your support and thanks for keeping music-lovers like me and Cory on the air, all these years!

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