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Operation Manatee #251 – Weed o’ Clock

This is it… this is… uh…. wait, what are we doing again?

We’re kidding of course. We know perfectly well what’s going on. This is the last day before a new era of self-regulation and less wrist-slapping. This is a new age of tolerance and less negative stigma.

And we want to be there when the clock strikes midnight! Well… kind of. But we will be with you through the last hour before our country adopts a major social and legal change that will impact the world. We can brush it off, but let’s be fair; we will all be under a microscope of incredible scrutiny. So let’s not screw it up.

In the meantime, tune in tonight at 11 pm on 91.3 FM in Regina and listen to some great music to get you hyped (or chill you out) for the incoming legalization of cannabis! :tada:

1. The Reverend Horton Heat – Marijuana
2. Skavenjah – Be Home Soon
3. JFK & The Conspirators – Boom Sha La La
4. Prince – Musicology
5. Sublime – Smoke Two Joints
6. Jon and Roy – What I Need
7. Kid Cudi – Marijuana
8. Willie Nelson – Worried Man
9. The Salads – Weed & Wine
10. The Dissociatives – We’re Much Preferred Customers

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