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Operation Manatee #252 – Boils and Ghouls

Gooooood eeeeeeeeeeeevening everyone… mwahahahahaha…

It’s that spooktacular time of year again, where all the ghouls and goblins come out and run rampant in the streets… and I’m not talking about American politics this time! The OTHER ghouls and goblins… the mini kind.

Maybe you’ve spent the last month wrapped up in blankets, watching horror movies on Netflix or maybe you’ve been too busy with the real horrors of the world, but tonight we toast the season with some spooky music and creepy tunes.

Hope you can join us. Just before the witching hour… 11 pm on 91.3 FM in Regina or online at MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

1. Jamie Rotten Corpse – Somewhere Under The Graveyard
2. Buck 65 – Zombie Delight
3. The Gutter Demons – House By The Cemetery
4. Austra – Spellwork
5. Miss Dreadful – In Her Grave
6. Chris Carlier – spoken word / Poe recital
7. Gnaw – Rat
8. Carl Stalling – The Skeleton Dance
9. The Deep Dark Woods – Redwood Forest
10. Annihilator – Pieces Of You

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