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Operation Manatee #262 – This Again?

Someone must have reminded Mother Nature it was winter still because the last few days have been pretty darn frosty. What do you think is worse; is it a dry, freezing cold? Is it the wind that brutalizes the prairies? Is the seeping chill of a wet BC cold even worse? Either way, let’s notContinue reading “Operation Manatee #262 – This Again?”

Special Show Announcement! What Planet Is This?! Show #291

Hi all! Chris here. I just wanted to let you know that I’m doing a special fill-in show today from 4:00 to 6:00! Some of you may recall that I used to be on the air every Wednesday at this drive time, playing jazz, electronic, folk, funk, weird stuff… Well, opportunity knocked and I answeredContinue reading “Special Show Announcement! What Planet Is This?! Show #291”

Operation Manatee #260 – Something in the Water

Winter must be setting in; people really seem to be getting grumpy and getting their knickers in a knot quicker than normal. Or… there’s just something in the water making people angrier faster. We have the cure for what ails you – a good hour of good music to calm your raging soul. Tune inContinue reading “Operation Manatee #260 – Something in the Water”

Operation Manatee #259 – Start With Style

Here we are, 2019 – We made it! Granted, you can say that about every year now. It really seems like we’re in uncharted territory now. With all the fears around the Y2K bug and numerous doomsday prognosticators, this show should have been a wrap YEARS ago now. Plus, humans are doing everything in theirContinue reading “Operation Manatee #259 – Start With Style”

Tape One To Armenia #13

Happy New Year, manatees! Cory’s out tonight, so you’ve got me for an hour, starting at 11:00 PM. I’ve just recently completed (slapped together) 2018’s Operation Manatee Music Prize Long List, so you can likely expect a brief review of that, along with a spattering of other underground goodies. So, pour yourself something nice, putContinue reading “Tape One To Armenia #13”


Life has a way of making you postpone things you like doing, then Christmas came. Ah well, better late than never? Because life’s been a little extra crazy this year, I didn’t get around to paring down the long list as much as I would have liked. As usual, I re-listened to all the albums/EPsContinue reading “OPERATION MANATEE MUSIC PRIZE 2018: THE LONG LIST”