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Operation Manatee #259 – Start With Style

Here we are, 2019 – We made it!

Granted, you can say that about every year now. It really seems like we’re in uncharted territory now. With all the fears around the Y2K bug and numerous doomsday prognosticators, this show should have been a wrap YEARS ago now.

Plus, humans are doing everything in their power to really speed that up with no signs of stopping.

So let’s enjoy every year we can and do what we always do to pass the time and have some fun. 11:00 pm tonight we have the first official Operation Manatee of 2019 heading your way. Tune in and join the fun of community powered radio!

1. Greenleaf – Good Ol’ Goat
2. A Tribe Called Red – R.E.D.
3. Duckworth & Shaboozey – Start A Riot
4. Mononeon – When The Neon Pearly Gates Open
5. Raine Maida – Rising Tide
6. Jean-Michel Blais – igloo
7. Joel Plaskett Emergency – Fashionable People
8. Louis Cole – When Youre Ugly
9. Destiny Potato – Indifferent
10. Ice Cube – Still In The Kitchen

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