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Operation Manatee #268 – The Great Beyond

Some things are just super cool to look at, even though they may not have anything to do with aquatic life or even the majestic manatee. Like space… space is super cool!

In fact, true story*, if the show wasn’t called Operation Manatee, it would have been named “I Dream of Cassini” and have been a talk show just coming up with random thoughts while watching videos of space related videos. Like a Deep Thoughts but strictly inspired by asteroids and comets.

However the pomp and majesty of the great sea cow won out in the end and the rest, as they say, is history. Tune in at 11:00 pm to continue to listen to history being made on 91.3 FM in Regina or online at

*Not ACTUALLY a true story. At least not one we would tell under oath or repeatedly for fear of confusing the “facts”.

1. Rammstein – Deutschland
2. Venom Prison – Megillus & Leaena
3. Dead Tired – Night Of 100,000 Lies
4. D.O.A. – You Need An Ass Kickin’
5. Blessing A Curse – Synergy
6. Lo Siento – Despierta-aahhh
7. Howlin’ Circus – Say It Ain’t So
8. Cool Explosions – Plimsoll Grove
9. Lion Babe – The Wave
10. Dan Mangan – Lynchpin
11. Twin Temple – Let’s Hang Together

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