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Operation Manatee #272 – The Conquering Hero

Who’s feeling great? We’re feeling great!!

Who’s feeling great? We’re feeling great!!

Who’s great? We’re great!

Great? Great! Great? Great! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaah!!

Tune in at 11:00 pm on 91.3 FM in Regina for more details.

1. Berried Alive (hahaha!) – Start
2. Snowblink – How Now
3. Coeur de pirate – Ne m’Appelle
4. Squiggles – Bend Becomes Break
5. The Jump Off – Secrets
6. Greys – Minus Time
7. Tom Morello – How Long?
8. Nine Treasures – The End Of The World
9. Wheel – Vultures

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