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Operation Manatee #273 – Great Success

Can you see what’s coming on the horizon? Why… it appears to be… yeah, it might just… I think…


This weekend is the first big event that makes me feel that summer is actually happening in the city. It’s the annual Cathedral Village Street Festival on Saturday and come rain or sun (sometimes, even snow) it’s the first big thing that I look forward to and really embrace the beginning of the season.

Plus, it’s the time of year that the big releases start to fall, getting in some airplay before the coveted “song of the summer” is crowned. So tune in at 11 on 91.3 FM, CJTR in Regina and we’ll begin covering some of those new tracks.

1. Tropical Fuck Storm – Can’t Stop
2. The Flaming Lips – Battling Voices From Beyond
3. The Tourist Company – Conflicted/Restricted
4. The White Swan – Blood
5. Blake Rules – Hot Sauce
6. GHOSTEMANE – Mercury
7. Son Real – Dive Bar
8. Mr. Something Something – Only The Maker
9. Beck – Saw Lightning
10. Covet – Shibuya

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