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Me Ten Toe Paranoia #16


Adulting is bullshit. Let’s cut all that crap out for an hour, pour yourself a cup of something nice, turn the volume up, and join me on a weird adventure of cool music sound stuff, and late-night, kinda sleepy rambling stuff. I’ll keep that second thing to a minimum.

11:00 to midnight.

1. Archspire – Remote Tumour Seeker
2. Tamino – Indigo
3. Donovan Woods – Our Friend Bobby
4. Claude Fontaine – Play By Play
5. Thom Yorke – Last I Heard (…He Was Circling The Drain)
6. Black Mountain – Boogie Lover
7. Aphex Twin – Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
8. The Jump Off – Knot
9. Stevie Wonder – Keep On Running

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