Operation Manatee #287 – Spooks are Out

It’s that wonderful time of year again. Aside from the cold and snow, Halloween is the best! For hundreds of years, amazing art has been inspired by the things that scare us; the things that go bump in the night; the things you can’t explain; the things you CAN explain but wish you couldn’t…

Get primed up for Halloween 2019 by listening to CJTR at 11:00 pm for our annual ode to evil forces and spooky creatures. Just before the witching hour, 11:00 pm, on 91.3 FM or streaming online from http://www.cjtr.ca.
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Operation Manatee #286 – Mad AF

Did you get what you wanted? No.

Did we get what we wanted? Also, no.

So let’s just be angry and listen to some punk together tonight. Therapy by co-misery. We’ll turn it up and scream into the skies. Tonight at 11:00 pm on http://www.cjtr.ca or 91.3 FM in Regina.
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Operation Manatee #284

1. Dragonforce – Troopers Of The Stars
2. Lars Lucy 8legions – Teto
3. Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
4. Royal Canoe – Peep This
5. Bombargo – Let It Grow
6. Sault – Feel So Good
7. Sturgil Simpson – Sing Along
8. Afrotronix – Sinon le pays va tomber
9. Dizzy – Calico
10. Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah – I Own The Night