Operation Manatee #286 – Mad AF

Did you get what you wanted? No.

Did we get what we wanted? Also, no.

So let’s just be angry and listen to some punk together tonight. Therapy by co-misery. We’ll turn it up and scream into the skies. Tonight at 11:00 pm on http://www.cjtr.ca or 91.3 FM in Regina.

1. The Exploited – Fuck The System
2. Blacker Face – Fuck It
3. The Rip Cordz – Anarchy
4. Pennywise – Pennywise
5. Propagandhi – Bullshit Politics
6. Rheostatics – Here Come The Wolves
7. NOFX – The Idiots Are Taking Over
8. Sturgill Simpson – Make Art Not Friends
9. The Antiqueens – Small Victory
10. D.O.A. – We Won’t Drink This
11. Rise Against – State Of The Union

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