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Operation Manatee #292 – That’s a Wrap!

This is it! The last Operation Manatee of 2019! Another year is in the books (more or less) and we’re spending the last two weeks soaking in time with friends and family. You all should do the same!

But before you do, make sure you tune in for tonight’s show. And keep tuning in over the holiday season. Convert some friends into CEEJ-aholics and make sure you buy your 2020 CJTR memberships as soon as you can!

Have a happy and safe holiday season and we’ll be back on January 7 for another new year of Operation Manatee nonsense.

1. Dragged Under – Instability
2. Ningen Isu – Gankutsuou
3. Oni – Breathe Again
4. Archspire – Calamus Will Animate
5. Baptists – Outbreeding
6. Protest The Hero – Ragged Tooth
7. Jinjer – Judgement (& Punishment)
8. Iced Earth – When The Eagle Cries
9. Let Them Fall – Fenrir

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