Operation Manatee #293 – Come on Back Now, y’hear?

Get the hell out of here 2019! You were crap… total shite… nothing could ever be worse tha-…….

Wait… continent on fire… World War III? How did we not see this coming? We should all have 2020 vision now…


Well… ahem… one thing that WON’T change with the new year is a new episode of Operation Manatee on 91.3 FM CJTR in Regina. Tune in at our never-changing time, 11:00 pm and we’ll do our thing to warm up your night and kick the year off right!

1. The Beards – The Beards Club
2. Caribou – You And I
3. Mr. B The Gentlemen Rhymer – Nick Nackatory
4. PUP – Scorpion Hill
5. Woolworm – Hold The Bow
6. John Wizards – Finally / Jet Up
7. Chai – Choose Go
8. The Faint – Source Of The Sun
9. Rezz – Criminals
10. Amon Tobin – Brushed Aluminium Reeds

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