Operation Manatee #294 – Whattawildweek!

Crazy to believe that only a week ago, we were all huddling in our homes just trying to scrounge enough blankets to last through the night compared to the mild temperatures that we open this new week with. It’s almost warm enough to start turning the AC back on in your vehicles!

And in the meantime, poor Eastern Canada took the brunt of a WILD snowstorm, the likes of which caused the National Defense to go help rescue Newfoundland. I’m not sure there’s enough rum to last until they dig themselves out.

But wherever you may be, we can all agree that music is the great calming force: Regardless of a blizzard or thunderstorm, the right song will get you through the storm. Tune in tonight at 11:00 pm on 91.3 FM or online at http://www.cjtr.ca for another selection of such wonderful songs.

1. Eyes Wide Open – Black Clover
2. Algiers – There Is No Year
3. Stabbing Westward – Dead & Gone
4. Rich Aucoin – The Fear
5. Rush – Tom Sawyer
6. Sudan Archives – Down On Me
7. Mappe Of – Volcae
8. Jonah Yano – Nervous
9. Post Malone – feat. Ozzy Osbourne – Take What You Want
10. Jeff Parker – Go Away

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