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Operation Manatee #306 – Tired of Everything

I’ve had about enough of everything. How bout you?

I’m tired of talking about COVID, I’m tired of election crap, I’m tired of rampant stupidity, I’m tired of having to explain the basics of life and society to people, I’m tired that basic human decency still isn’t really a thing. Everyone, please just fuck all the way off!

Except you. You’re cool.

But all those other assholes out there? Hell with them!

Let’s just have a nice long toke, gaze at this relatively irrelevant picture of Mount Fuji, and enjoy some fucking cool music together, because god damn it! I just can’t handle much else right now.

1. Goldfinger – Wallflower
2. Quakers feat. Sampa The Great – Approach With Caution
3. Busta Rhymes feat. Kendrick Lamar – Look Over Your Shoulder
4. Sen Morimoto feat. Mercedes Gordon & Jordon Harris – Want To Dance
5. Lowell – Lemonade
6. We Are The City – Get Happy
7. Bad Buddy – Hunters
8. Jarina De Marco feat. Dylan Brady – Ilegales
9. Big Dumb Face – Blood Red Head On Fire
10. Deltron 3030 – Positive Contact
11. Fredy V & The Foundation – One Step
12. El-P – Accidents Don’t Happen

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