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Operation Manatee #309 – Time Travelling

Well, here we are still stuck at home. But since the world of music does not take a break, we will also not break! Well.. not break again anyways…

This show was recorded to originally air on December 15, 2020, but something happened with the gremlins in the machines in the station and it was not broadcast at it’s intended time. It will be re-broadcast (for the first time in actuality) on December 29, 2020.

1. Kate Rusby – Maybe Tomorrow
2. Jordan Klassen – Ministry of Doubt
3. ANOMALIE feat. Chromeo – Bend The Rules
4. The Diabolical Liberties – Dancing Out of My Modern Mind
5. Hightime – Quit Ya Job
6. Dan Mangan – Losing My Religion
7. Tankus The Henge – God, Oil, Money
8. 79ers Gang – 79ers Bout To Blow
9. DJ Shub – Killa Soundboy
10. Takuya Kuroda – Fade

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