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Operation Manatee #310 – Happy heavy holidays!

We don’t have many traditions at Operation Manatee, but one tradition we DO have is that our last show of the year (or at least one show during December) is intended to cut through the sweet and saccharine holiday music that you hear everywhere else throughout the month.

This year’s show is another straight banger, designed to be turnt up LOUD, passed 11 and so your neighbours will complain*.

*Operation Manatee and CJTR are not responsible for any actual complaints that are lodged and filed by your neighbours or family members for that matter.

Have a wonderful holiday season whatever your holidays may be! Be safe, continue to wear your mask, and be kind and helpful to everyone. It’s been a rough year and the holidays can be rough for a lot of people – take time for your own mental health and reach out to someone that might need some comfort.

1. Igorrr – Parpaing
2. IDLES – Mr. Motivator
3. Beneath the Massacre – Autonomous Mind
4. PUP – Anaphylaxis
5. Alpha Wolf – Creep
6. Planet Battagon – IxION
7. Bokassa – Blunt Force Karma
8. Maldita
9. Fuck the Facts – Dropping Like Flies
10. Nine Treasures – The End of the World

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