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Operation Manatee #325

Something, something, something the Dark Side made us late…

But originally broadcast on May 4, 2021!

Dun, dun, dun, dundundun, dundundun,,, DUN DUN DUN, dundundun, dundundun…

  1. Theme/Opening – Planet Smashers – Kung Fu Master
  2. Six60 – All She Wrote
  3. Borelson – Ubuntu
  4. Chevy Mustang – Wrong Things
  5. Miftah Bravenda – June
  6. Humans – Tell Me (Beach Season remix)
  7. Royce Wood Junior – Slush
  8. Ursus Factory – Mitä mies mitä äijä
  9. Idris Lawal – Drop
  10. Napoleon – Deal With the Devil
  11. Tune-yards – Hypnotized
  12. Super Plage – Mush

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