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Operation Manatee #328

The creatures of routine have made this post a little bit late again. But like always, better late than never at all.

We broadcast live on June 1, 2021, but you can always listen online to the past episodes on

  1. Theme/Opening – Planet Smashers – Kung Fu Master
  2. k.flay, Tom Morello – TGIF
  3. Royal Canoe – Butterfalls
  4. Treephones – Fuzzy Dream Machine
  5. St. Vincent – Down
  6. The Dead Pirates – Ugo
  7. Dan Mangan – Windermere
  8. Creeper – Cyanide
  9. Anchorsong – New World
  10. The Beaches – Let’s Go
  11. Sudan Archives – Down on Me

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