Operation Manatee #344

But what does it all mean? Is it time for the annual, year-end brawl to determine the bests of the bests – 2021 style?

It might be… but you’ll have to tune into 91.3 FM in Regina to hear Chris and Cory sort it all out. Or they won’t… OH! And you can listen later on http://www.cjtr.ca and find our past episodes!

  1. The Ye Banished Privateers – Ring The Bells
  2. The Cat Empire – The Chariot
  3. Fuudge – Lazare
  4. Great Lake Swimmers – Pulling On A Line
  5. Don’t feat Cosmo Sheldrake – Dlora Yelps
  6. Greg Surmacz – Live In A Cave
  7. Bloodywood – Gaddaar
  8. Cancer Bats – Bricks Mandolins and More Tambourine
  9. Royal Castles – Fricken Pretty
  10. Bjork – Innocence

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