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Operation Manatee #357

What a rollercoaster of a spring so far! Can you believe that snow is potentially on the radar this week yet? At the end of May?!? That’s crazy!

But the water has been great as the grass is really getting green across the city and the trees are starting to bud-up. Hopefully the moisture remains a little more even throughout the summer.

You can always tune in though, 11:00 pm on CJTR since we’ll never have weather delays. We’re always the perfect temperature for you, any time of year. 91.3 FM or

  1. Murder by Death – Never Be
  2. Common Fires – Grow
  3. Danny Bell & His Disappointments – Killing Birds
  4. The Quiet Ones – TINA
  5. OU – Farewell
  6. YATCH – I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler
  7. Alestorm – PARTY
  8. Sad Snack – No Children
  9. The Catch Up Kids – Knife Fight
  10. Status/Non-Status – Nshwaaswi
  11. Master Boot Record – 80486DX

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