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Operation Manatee #379

Ahhhhh yes. It’s time for the only live radio going on at this hour in Regina. Tune in from 11:00 to midnight for what I can only assume will be the best selection of music you will hear tonight.

  1. In Flames – Meet Your Maker
  2. 平沢進 – フ​・​ル​・​ヘ​ッ​・​ヘ​ッ​・​ヘ​ッ
  3. Carlyn – Alive (Dead)
  4. Hudson Mohawk – Dance Forever
  5. Emma Lamontagne – Not A Dancer
  6. Bird Problems – Pigeon Superstition
  7. Red Orcha – Grave Digger Man
  8. Otoboke Beaver – Chu Chu Song
  9. Rebelle – Head on Fire
  10. Skinny Pelembe – Oh, Silly George
  11. Snail’s House – Gemini

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