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About Us

Operation Manatee is an hour-long program on Regina Community Radio (91.3 FM) that features a mix of loud rock-like noises, electronic noises, quiet acousticky noises and whatever else we can find. Sometimes there is a theme. Sometimes there is a focus on a local artist of our choosing. Most times there are just a couple of guys sharing some of their favourite music with you and having a riot doing so!

Cory Paetsch is a local music enthusiast and purveyor of trivial knowledge. His experience in punk, hardcore, indie and other rock is paramount to Operation Manatee. Currently using this forum as music-therapy to bring him back into today’s music world. Chris could not likely pull off this show without him, but he could likely pull off this show without Chris.

Chris Carlier is a Regina-based musician and long-time CJTR host. To Operation Manatee, Chris brings a vast library of tunes varying from experimental noise things to lesser-known pop stuff, foreign tracks, and whatever else he’s picked up in his 20+ years as a music geek.

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