Operation Manatee #339 – Radiothon 2021 Special

It’s that time of year again; RADIOTHON on 91.3 FM CJTR! Radiothon is a week long of special programming, highlighting all of the best parts about having community radio in Regina. It’s also a major fundraiser for the station in order to keep the lights on and the airwaves blastin’! If you can spare anyContinue reading “Operation Manatee #339 – Radiothon 2021 Special”

Operation Manatee #332 – We Back

Ok, holiday break is ovah!!!! We back!!! And we’re going to make the hot summer even hotter as we triumphantly return to the studio with our annual summer special – one full hour of our favorite rap and hip-hop: new bangers and old classic jams! Tune in for a LIVE, in-person, face-to-face radio broadcast onContinue reading “Operation Manatee #332 – We Back”

Happy Summer-time!!

Well, we didn’t really plan it in advance but we’re going to take advantage of the really nice weather and relaxed restrictions and enjoy some wonderful Saskatchewan summer! We’ll be back August 3 with our annual summer banger, 1 hour rap special. Take care everyone! Just because it’s nice out, stay safe and stay diligent!

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