Operation Manatee #330

Yes, this is a very late post. A full week late in fact, so let’s just do this all in one; first, the playlist for the show from June 15 is below. Yes, I admit it’s late and I’m very sorry. I owe you a Coke.

Second, there is no NEW show as of June 22. The summer weather is heating things up and causing various monkey wrenches and spanners to be thrown into the works. It’s a tumultuous time.

But we’ll be back, June 29 with a special Canada Day episode!!*

*Depending on if Chris agrees… so no guarantees… but I doubt he’ll disagree, because it’s in his pedigree.

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Operation Manatee #329

We’re doing the things… all the things… well, some of the things… I mean, the things that we’re still allowed to do… actually screw it; we’re still at home. Doing nothing… except recording radio and eating Cheez’its.

But we’re coming soon! We keep saying that the end is almost here… and it really is! We’re all working on this together, so don’t slow down; get your shots! Take your vaccines! Enjoy stuff again!

Oh… and keep listening to 91.3 FM CJTR. Especially our show. Always our show.

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Operation Manatee #324

Hey guys….. hey… guys….. man…… hey guys…….

Yeah, we know it’s actually April 27, but we recorded this episode on 4/20. Hopefully your 4/20 was fantastic and is maybe still going on… this will catch you at just the right time.

Keep on, keepin’ on… pass the dutchie on the left side… then back to the right… puff and pass… always tune in to the SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEGGGG!!! 91.3 FM in Regina.

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Operation Manatee #323

We are all the void. The void is all of us… our music show is the best in the void. You must keep tuning in to the void… Listen to the best show… In. The. Void.

Yikes.. the weeks have really taken a toll on our sanity. Don’t worry, we’ll get through another week as we try to get through another lockdown… and another lockdown… and another lockdown…

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