Operation Manatee #320 – Without a Title

Things are getting squirrelly in the voids… But luckily we still get new music to entertain ourselves. Now generally, we don’t care about any awards that aren’t the Polaris Music Prize, but this year’s Grammy awards saw one of our favorite artists – Thundercat – win an award. Kudos to Mr. T-cat!!

Tune in for the rest of the hijinx and hi-fi recording at 11:00 pm on CJTR.ca or 91.3 FM for the terrestrial radios!

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Operation Manatee #319 – Happy Birthday!

We don’t usually celebrate our show’s anniversary, especially not as often as we should. But this week, we’re going to take the opportunity to share that we’ve been on the air for 8 WHOLE YEARS now! And to celebrate, we’re going to re-create our original show and replay the same songs we started with!

Enjoy! And happy birthday to us!

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Operation Manatee #318 – Return of the King

Another Tuesday is here and we’re still rocking out in our voids, respecting social distancing and provincial health regulations! But that will never stop us from bringing you the great new sounds of the summer and things are beginning to heat on up!

Tune in again at 11:00 pm on CJTR, 91.3 FM or online at http://www.cjtr.ca!

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Operation Manatee #316 – New Habits

As I get older, I tend to keep track of the tasks and things I need to do with repetition. So to remind myself to upload our playlist and create a blog post, I always do it while recording the next show. On the days that recording gets delayed, so does the blog post. But at least I remember to do it. And as the old saying goes, better late than never.

Broadcast originally on February 9, another Covid-show that will live in the archives and crevices of my heart. Enjoy!

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Operation Manatee #315 – Thuesday

No, I’m not late… you’re late… yes, not again.

Yes, this was broadcast originally on February 2, 2020.
But you can listen to it again on the http://www.cjtr.ca website under the Past Episodes. You can make your own personal Groundhog’s Day by listening to it again… and again… and again…

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Operation Manatee #314 – Frosty Covid Wonderland

Isn’t this a wonderful scene? This isn’t anything meaningful – it’s just a frozen bubble in the winter – but it’s just so pretty. It’s more of what we need, living in the hustle and bustle of the technology lifestyle; just stop and notice the simple, pretty things.

Tonight’s show is high energy – we start heavy and keep up the energy throughout. If you need to warm up during the cold evenings, then make sure you get up and move those muscles.

11:00 pm. Tuesdays. 91.3FM – CJTR, your community voice.

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Operation Manatee #313 – We.Are.Doom

At the end of last week’s episode, Cory casually dropped a bomb about the news about the passing of MF DOOM. Chris… was not aware. It was potentially the worst bombing on Operation Manatee since the infamous “Kanye incident”.

Tonight, we explore a little more about the announcement of this legend’s passing and we continue to explore all facets of some wonderful new and wonderfully weird music.

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