Operation Manatee – World Earth Day Edition

We here at Operation Manatee feel SO STRONGLY about our wonderful planet and all the various life-forms on it, we are taking the night off! Chris specifically has taken on a host of viruses and bacteria to take up residence in his upper sinuses! What a wonderful human being!

But in less-jokey news, yes, we are NOT going to be on CJTR tonight at our regular 11:00 pm time. But we should be back at the regularly scheduled time next week for that thing we love to do!

Until next week, continue to be well to each other and love your Earth today!

Operation Manatee #47: A Prize for What Now?



Now you may just be wondering… what IS the Prism Prize? Why IS it even relevant? What is WITH these ACCents?!?

Well, I could tell you now… or you could look online for yourself… OR you could even just tune in with Chris and Cory tonight at 11:00 pm and we’ll tell you. And maybe we’ll wonder about the relevance FOR you… and seriously, what’s with these cap lock accents?

91.3 FM on terrestrial radio in the distance of Regina. Or even better, you can listen anywhere in the world by streaming online at http://www.cjtr.ca. Seriously… ANY… WHERE… IN THE……….. WOOOOOOOORLD!

1. RJD2 – Work It Out
2. Falty DL – Reassimilate
3. Deltron 3030 feat. Lonely Island – Back In The Day
4. Thundercat – Heartbreaks & Setbacks
5. Key N Crates – Dum Dee Dum
6. A Tribe Called Red – Look At This
7. Bloc Party – Prayer
8. How To Destroy Angels – How Long
9. Majical Cloudz – Childhood’s End
10. Ryan Hemsworth – Slurring (Bauer Remix)
11. Thievery Corporation – Lebanese Blonde

Operation Manatee #45: Music is the Cure for the Plague Too!

Zombie Music

The plague will not claim him… Death cannot keep him from coming back to the radio. That’s right, after a week of slow, painful, torturous plague-like symptoms, Chris will be back on tonight’s show! Although, Cory demands Purell and respiratory masks on everything with or without a pulse.

It’ll be a strange night for music… For some reason, music parodies have been making a big noise across the internet. We’ll see if Zombie Chris can determine what is real and what is fake. Plus the Juno nominees were announced just today. That might be… uh… interesting…

Tune in tonight at 11:00 pm! 91.3 FM in Regina or http://www.cjtr.ca from anywhere in the world… or afterworld… depending on your health status…

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Operation Manatee #44: There Will Be Complaints



While not quite as intimidating as “There Will Be Blood…”, tonight’s episode of Operation Manatee is much more in your face about the foreshadowing than the movie. But this ain’t no Festivus ritual… just straight up, ol’ fashioned grumpiness.

Well… maybe half the grumpiness as normal. Chris is out, borderline dead, so Cory will be grumping on his own! Wait… if that’s 100% grumpiness, but with only half of the grumpers, does that make this week’s show more grumpy per minute? Some, quick tell me what the grump to minute ratio is going to be like… I’m going for the record!

11:00 pm tonight (“That’s so late…”) on 91.3 FM in Regina (“But I live out of town…”) or at http://www.cjtr.ca (“My internet speed sucks…”). TUNE IN!

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Operation Manatee #37: Snow-Mana-Tree (or one too many puns)

Look closely


It’s there… if you look closely… once you see it, you’ll never UNSEE it…

I’ll just throw this out there – we all dodged a bullet this week. If you listen and believe weather reports, we should all be snowed under and NOTHING should be functioning. But let’s face it… as Saskatchewanians, we’d just dig our way out and what would halt all activity in somewhere like Toronto would be just flakes beneath our boots.

That being said… I prefer less snow in my city and more on my ski-hills any time of the year. Especially now.

Tune in tonight though, as Chris and Cory play music SO HOT, it’s guaranteed** to melt all snow within a block of your radio. 91.3 FM in Regina!


**ok, not REALLY a guarantee… so send your hate mail to Chris…

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Operation Manatee #36: Cory Survived, Chris Flied

ImageWow… what a week!

Apologies all around, as we missed the show last week. Of course, we gave you all fair warning and hopefully you went and took in the show at the Exchange last week as well. Alestorm ROCKED (well… plundered maybe) and TrollfesT and Gypsyhawk were wonderful surprises as well. We’ll have music from them in case you did miss out.

Tune in tonight! 11:00 pm at 91.3 FM in Regina or online at http://www.cjtra.ca > Listen Live.

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Operation Manatee #33: Oh! The BOO-MANATEE!!!!


(snicker) Boo-manatee…

(ahem) It’s the end of October… you know what that means! Spooks and ghosts, zombies and vampires, yessir, it’s HALLOWEEN!

Technically… it’s only October 29… but since I believe in celebrating BEFORE an event instead of after we’re doing it tonight. Chris and Cory have a great hour lined up with some of our favorite Halloween inspired music – spooky songs and maniacal musicians.

Tune in tonight, 11:00 pm on 91.3 FM or by streaming at http://www.cjtr.ca.

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Operation Manatee #32: The Manatee Regina Deserves



While October has some great events, no holiday has as much influence over the month as Halloween… which is a little odd considering it’s right at the end of the month. But right on October 1, pumpkins and ghosts, skeletons and gravestones can be found everywhere.

At Operation Manatee, we like dressing up too, but we tend to be a little more nerdy and it happens a little more often… hey, we’re adults! We can dress how we want and as often as we want as well!

Join us tonight at 11:00 pm as we dress up on the radio!! Um… wait… we didn’t really plan that out very well. Well, join us anyways as we play some great music for your own dressing up! Whether you be superhero, super-villain or super-good-in-bed, we have something that will whet your appetite!

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Operation Manatee #20: Operation Fam-atee

With Chris still away, possibly in the hospital after a bear attack, Cory decides it’s a good idea to bring in his little brother to pick some tracks. And actually, it is!


Despite the requests of our hypothetical lawyers, we’re doing it anyways: Tonight, we have the first ever guest host of Operation Manatee. While Chris is still out of town (I hear he’s recovering from a malicious bear attack), Cory is proud to invite his own brother to join him in the CJTR station, Jordan!

We’re not exactly sure what will come of this, but I would expect a different tone than most other nights… obviously the sultry, smooth tones will be a little different, but Jordan brings the musical yang to Cory’s heavy ying… or something like that… We all know it’s hard to measure up the ying, but it’s always about how you can swing your yang.

Tune in tonight! 11:00 pm on 91.3 FM in Regina or stream live on http://www.cjtr.ca

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Operation Manatee #19: Satisfaction GWAR-anteed!

With Chris away on vacation, probably being mauled by bears, Cory is free to play stuff that Chris doesn’t like – like Gwar! Take THAT Chris, you bastard!



With Chris on holidays for a couple weeks, I now have free reign over the Operation Manatee switchboard and will get to play all those tracks that Chris is too scared to broadcast. Especially the original Scumdogs of the Universe, the Masters of All, GWAR!!

The Masters compel me to play their newest track… an homage to a fallen friend and new chapter in the legacy of all GWARkind!

Come join the other Slaves of YQR and listen in, 11:00 pm on 91.3 FM within the city reaches or at http://www.cjtr.ca to stream online. ODERUS COMMANDS YOU!!!

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