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There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. (Cohen) This has been a fucked up year for music. We weren’t ready for Bowie to go, we didn’t see it coming with Prince, we thought Sharon Jones had it beat… Even with the old-timers – part of me thought Leonard Cohen wouldContinue reading “OPERATION MANATEE MUSIC PRIZE 2016: THE LONG LIST”

Operation Manatee #168

Where would you be without us? Listening to those other guys? Of course not. There are no other guys programming live radio on a Tuesday night, in Regina. F’ril. So tune in, sit down, sing along, and… I don’t know… maybe call yer gramma and get her to tune in, ’cause your gram’s hip. 11:00Continue reading “Operation Manatee #168”

Operation Manatee #25: A Good Way To Spend An Hour Without Delta Waves

Good evening ladies and gentlemens. Tonight, while you lay awake, unable to sleep, do try to remember that we at Operation Manatee are here for you. It is our opinion that you would serve yourself best not by sleeping like the normals, but by staying up, just that little bit, and letting the sweet soundsContinue reading “Operation Manatee #25: A Good Way To Spend An Hour Without Delta Waves”