Operation Manatee #32: The Manatee Regina Deserves



While October has some great events, no holiday has as much influence over the month as Halloween… which is a little odd considering it’s right at the end of the month. But right on October 1, pumpkins and ghosts, skeletons and gravestones can be found everywhere.

At Operation Manatee, we like dressing up too, but we tend to be a little more nerdy and it happens a little more often… hey, we’re adults! We can dress how we want and as often as we want as well!

Join us tonight at 11:00 pm as we dress up on the radio!! Um… wait… we didn’t really plan that out very well. Well, join us anyways as we play some great music for your own dressing up! Whether you be superhero, super-villain or super-good-in-bed, we have something that will whet your appetite!

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