Eaten Opiate Manor #4 + What Planet Is This?! Show #290

Whooooa! Could this be a Tossback Tuesday (a coin I termed, just now, without internet help)? It sure could be.

Ladies and gentlemen, back from the dead, for just one show only, because Cory won’t be there to defend the station, I present to you: a little taste of yesteryear…

For those who don’t know, way back in the dark ages, I (Chris) used to host a little Tuesday night program called What Planet Is This?!, featuring jazz, funk, folk, electronic, and a variety of weirdness. It went on to achieve great things (getting bumped to a two-hour drive-time slot), only to eventually be abandoned by a burned-out me.

Well, the time has come for a small glimpse into the past.

Pour yourself a glass of Scotch/brandy/whisky – the good stuff you save for special occasions – and tune in from 11:00 to midnight for something a little different.

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