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Operation Manatee #204: Rap Collab #2

Yes, yes… message received. Cory here, welcoming you all to the next installment of Operation Manatee – our annual rap-stravaganza!! A whole hour of rap, from a couple of guys with a tertiary interest in the genre!! What more could you ask for at 11:00 pm on a Tuesday in Regina? PS – Big shoutContinue reading “Operation Manatee #204: Rap Collab #2”

Operation Manatee #119: Rap Battlez Fo’ Life!!

We’ve been telling you for weeks… this was coming hard… like, some kind of swinging, metallic orb on a chain… a ball of some kind… Wait… wrong genre? What? Oh yeah… we’re here for the helluvit, the smelluvit… It’s time for another showdown as we pick music in a throwdown… but we have a twistContinue reading “Operation Manatee #119: Rap Battlez Fo’ Life!!”

Da Trilogy… AKA, Cory Tries Again…

Tomorrow night is the main event! In what has become the hottest Operation Manatee event of the year, Chris and Cory are back to battle it out with epicz rapz songz… But wait… we have a twist!! We each work with people much more schooled in the art of hip-hop than we are, so toContinue reading “Da Trilogy… AKA, Cory Tries Again…”

Operation Manatee #15: Epic Rap Battle… To The Death

Cory and Chris throw down @CJTR – Epic Rap Battle 2013. Who do you think won this battle for street cred and papers?