Operation Manatee #39: The Cure for Estrogen

The Beards


It’s been discussed, ad nauseam, on Operation Manatee the benefits of a little facial sweater. Especially at this time of year, it acts as a wonderful buffer between the cold air and bare skin. But at this risk, I bring up again the sign of MANLINESS that a beard defines on any man lucky to be able to wear one.

In short summary… Cory is retaining his manliness, while swimming in estrogen that being surrounded with women entails. Now outnumbered 3 to 1, he realizes this is only the start of a life of dolls and tea parties and pop bands and bras… (sigh).

Tune in tonight! ¬†Cory wants to crank up the rock and remember the manly times… lay a foundation for more manly times in the face of estrogen now and forever!

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