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Operation Manatee #36: Cory Survived, Chris Flied

Wow… what a week! Apologies all around, as we missed the show last week. Of course, we gave you all fair warning and hopefully you went and took in the show at the Exchange last week as well. Alestorm ROCKED (well… plundered maybe) and TrollfesT and Gypsyhawk were wonderful surprises as well. We’ll have musicContinue reading “Operation Manatee #36: Cory Survived, Chris Flied”

Operation Manatee #34: There’d Better Be A Damned Good Reason For This Title!

Well, friends, it’s Tuesday again and while Cory and I may not have some fancy theme like last week or earlier in October, it’ll probably be a really good show just because we’re not trying to reach a theme. This week, we can let our hair down, kick our boots off, and really get intoContinue reading “Operation Manatee #34: There’d Better Be A Damned Good Reason For This Title!”

Operation Manatee #33: Oh! The BOO-MANATEE!!!!

(snicker) Boo-manatee… (ahem) It’s the end of October… you know what that means! Spooks and ghosts, zombies and vampires, yessir, it’s HALLOWEEN! Technically… it’s only October 29… but since I believe in celebrating BEFORE an event instead of after we’re doing it tonight. Chris and Cory have a great hour lined up with some of ourContinue reading “Operation Manatee #33: Oh! The BOO-MANATEE!!!!”

Operation Manatee #32: The Manatee Regina Deserves

  While October has some great events, no holiday has as much influence over the month as Halloween… which is a little odd considering it’s right at the end of the month. But right on October 1, pumpkins and ghosts, skeletons and gravestones can be found everywhere. At Operation Manatee, we like dressing up too,Continue reading “Operation Manatee #32: The Manatee Regina Deserves”

Operation Manatee #30: Save the Mana-tahtahs!

October is a special month, not just because we all get an excuse to load up on sugar over the course of it. October is widely associated as Breast Cancer Awareness month, where everywhere you look, you’ll see pink ribbons and various organizations raising awareness for Breast Cancer and funds for cancer testing. While BreastContinue reading “Operation Manatee #30: Save the Mana-tahtahs!”

Operation Manatee #29: Radiothon Special or How I Learned to Stop Being a Snob and Just Enjoy Some Music

  Woah… wait a second… is Cory starting a blog post? Crazy… summer MUST be over now… Tune in tonight at 11:00 pm on 91.3 FM in Regina or by streaming online at to hear some stories. Chris and Cory aren’t young pups anymore… in fact, we’ve each been accused on more than oneContinue reading “Operation Manatee #29: Radiothon Special or How I Learned to Stop Being a Snob and Just Enjoy Some Music”

Operation Manatee #28: The Good, The Bad, The Moderately Insane

There are probably better times to be posting this than right before the show, but hey! Once a Manatee… Tune in tonight from 11:00 PM to midnight for what will almost certainly be the best OpMan since last week!

Operation Manatee #27: Where Else Would You Hear This?

I’m not going to lie to you here, folks. I don’t have the energy to write up an arbitrary blog post this week. Kind of lame, I know, but I swear Cory will make it up to you by working twice as hard on the mic. Tune in from 11:00 to midnight tonight. We actuallyContinue reading “Operation Manatee #27: Where Else Would You Hear This?”

Operation Manatee #26: Play All Your Records Backwards

It’s that show you know and love: the one that’s on every Tuesday from 11:00 to midnight, effectively making it the only live radio broadcast in Regina at that time of day: the show that not only stops wars, but rekindles the fire in marriages, reunites long-lost pen pals, finds your lost remote, buys youContinue reading “Operation Manatee #26: Play All Your Records Backwards”