People Are Awesome 2013

Hey everyone,

Quickly checking in with a little video to pop with your peepers. The song isn’t terrible here… little dub-stepping so you’re warned. But the video clips are really cool and it fits with the theme of the song.

The little skateboarding boy in the middle is fantastic! You’ll see what I mean.

Top 5 Reasons I Would Love To See Man Man In Concert

Man Man is an experimental rock band that you and I should probably go see in concert soon!

1. Looks like a really fun time!
2. There is some pretty fantastic moustache going on in that band.
3. They play a strange assortment of percussion instruments/noisemakers.
4. I’ve heard they really know how to involve an audience.
5. It’s better than a punch in the face (unless that punch came from someone cool like Will Smith)