Operation Manatee #190: We Ternd 4!

Holy fuck! We just turned 4!

We’ve decided to celebrate by doing something a little different tonight – or the same… depending on how you look at it. Lazy? Probably. Fun? Obviously.

Tune in tonight from 11:00 to midnight for at least a partial Throwback (Tossback?) Tuesday and think about your neighbours – then make the music machine louder.

1. The Refused – Liberation Frequency
2. Windom Earle – Guitorgan
3. Del Bel – Do What The Bass Says
4. Arcade Fire – Neighbourhood (Tunnels)
5. Gob – You’re Too Cool
6. System Of A Down – Know
7. Seether – Let You Down
8. Silverchair – Miss You Love
9. Ocean Grove – These Boys Light Fires
10. On Day As A Lion – Wild International

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