Operation Manatee #228 – Here All Along

Mwahahahaha… you poor fools… little do you know, I’ve been here all along.. hiding.. just out of view..

It’s been another minute. Phew… we haven’t done a show in three weeks, due to the snowmaggeddon, then sudden plague that lost 5 hours of my day. And next week, I’ll be gone again. What a month!

But lettuce continue, for tonight we will listen to good music together. No iceberg can sink this ship; we will soon share some great music. The green and not-so-green alike. Please tune in, 91.3 FM, it’s CJTR!

1. The Real McKenzies – The Northwest Passage
2. GAGLE – Grand Gainers
3. Cavern Of Anti-Matter – Makeout Fadeout
4. Peach Pit – Techno Show
5. Black Pistol Fire – Blue Dream
6. The Blood Lines – The End Of The World
7. Black Honey – Somebody Better
8. Young Fathers – Wow
9. The Fratellis – I Guess… I Suppose

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