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Operation Manatee #241 – Snarf

Snarf, snarf… snarf snarf snarf snarf…

Snarf. Snarf snarf. Snarf snarf, snarf-snarf-snarf…


Snarf 1. The Popes Of Chili Town – Get Off / Get On
Snarf 2. Motorhead – Motorhead
Snarf 3. Pierre Kwenders – Sexus Plexus Nexus
Snarf 4. Kaytranada feat. River Tiber – Vivid Dreams
Snarf 5. Tricot – Potage
Snarf 6. Gorillaz – Magic City
Snarf 7. Old Man Luedecke – I Am Fine
Snarf 8. Rhye – Waste
Snarf 9. Hallucinogenius – In Another Life, When We Are Both Cats

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