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Operation Manatee #266 – It’s Happening!

With all due respect to Christmas, THIS is the most wonderful time of the year!

The sun is shining when you go to work and the temperature outside isn’t life-threateningly low. In fact, the sidewalks are clearing and there’s water dripping from everywhere. Soon, there might even be some green plants within view.

Even though it’s technically still winter, it’s a wonderful spring week! Come join in the fun tonight at 11:00 pm as we play some spring shanties to get you flinging around the room. 91.3 FM in Regina or online at

1. Angel-Ho – Drama
2. Little Simz – Venom
3. Sleepy Tom – Amateur
4. CFCR – Translucently Happy
5. Humans – Noose
6. Hozier – To Noise Making (Sing)
7. Reign Wolf – Alligator
8. Beirut – On Mainau Island
9. The Prodigy – We Live Forever
10. 3NOIV – Untitled 1

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