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Operation Manatee #308 – Manatee at Home

In what is a monumental first, history is being made on Operation Manatee; we are on the radio but from the comfort of our own homes. With or without pants…. Whoduvethunkit? Technology, am I right?

Let it never be said that you can’t teach an old manatee new tricks.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, Chris and Cory can’t broadcast from the same area anymore, so instead of flying solo and taking turns, we are harnessing the power of the machines to bring you a recorded, new episode of your favorite CJTR show. Same Manatee-time, same Manatee-station, slightly less “live radio”. But you can still tune in and enjoy some great music with your favorite Manatee-hosts.

1. Berried Alive – Bombegranate
2. PUP – A.M. 180
3. Intervals – Signal Hill
4. Etienne de la Sayette – ANANSI
5. Jamie Lenman – I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend
6. Souleance – Aquarelle
7. The Shuffle Demons – Sell Me This
8. Yazz Ahmed – One Girl Among Many (Asmara Remix)
9. Le Couleur – Silhoutte
10. Flore Laurentienne – Soir

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