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Operation Manatee #311 – New Year, New You

Well, we all made it… look at us. It’s now officially 2021! I don’t know about you, but as soon as that ball dropped I felt my cough go away, my back stopped hurting and there was a general peace in the world. Must have been the arbitrary numerical year change and no way was it the empty bottle of whiskey at my feet…

Thank you all for supporting community radio in Regina for another year and listening to our modest little show, every Tuesday night. You keep tuning in and we’ll help you turn it up.

1. Timmy Trumpet – El Toro
2. Caribou – You and I
3. Loony – Be Cool
4. Lex Amor – Seven Days
5. Brkn Love – Flies In The Honey
6. Andrew Judah – Lose My Mind
7. y2k – wawawa
8. Sauce and Dogs – Bun and Cheese
9. Moon Hooch – Stonk
10. Supergombo – Ekows

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