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Operation Manatee #339 – Radiothon 2021 Special

It’s that time of year again; RADIOTHON on 91.3 FM CJTR!

Radiothon is a week long of special programming, highlighting all of the best parts about having community radio in Regina. It’s also a major fundraiser for the station in order to keep the lights on and the airwaves blastin’!

If you can spare any donations during these somewhat turbulent times, we would graciously appreciate it! If you can spare at least $25, you can also be entered to win a great prize pack at the end of the week. And if you don’t want to enter but you still want to support the station, buy a membership! See for more details.

And in the meantime, make sure you tune in tonight to hear Cory and Chris play a selection of some great music they discovered during the pandemic! 11:00 pm tonight, 91.3 FM in Regina or online at!

  1. Goldfinger – California On My Mind
  2. Thug Shells – Thugs Bunny
  3. – No No 2: Yeah Yeah
  4. Susumu Hirasawa – BEACON
  5. Kiberspassk – See Bear
  6. Astrid Engberg – Tulpa
  7. The Berettas – Touche
  8. Jarina De Marco feat. Dylan Brady – Ilegales
  9. Melted Bodies – Eat Cops
  10. Darryl Kissick – Just A Dream

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