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Operation Manatee #353

Did you ever have one of those weeks that you feel like Mario, dodging everything he can just to get a little bit of mushroom power?

Back again after an unexpected week off – but more on that on the show tonight. We’re back again at 11:00 pm on our favourite place to be – 91.3 FM in Regina. Tune in! Hang with us.. you’re worthy. You’re TOO WORTHY!

  1. Without Waves – Slight In Shadows
  2. Stabbing Westward – I Am Nothing
  3. Angelmaker – Vengeance
  4. Escape From The Zoo – Heads Up 7 Up
  5. Alexisonfire – Sweet Dreams of Otherness
  6. thook – SPEED
  7. Cypress Hill – Open Ya Mind
  8. Eamon – Bury The Bones
  9. Otyken – My Wing
  10. Bogdan Raczynski – ADLDE

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