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Operation Manatee #361

What’s this? I don’t know… nothing has to make sense anymore. Simply, it’s probably just an age verification image for us old fogeys…

But tonight is Tuesday and you know what that means… tacos! Lots of tacos. And us – we’re on the radio again tonight. 11:00 pm, 91.3 FM on the Regina radio dial or online at!

  1. Los Campesinos! – Broken Heartbeats Sound Like Breakbeats
  2. P’tit Belliveau – Bière qui va m’faire penser
  3. King Cardiac – You Got it Bad
  4. Hollie Cook feat. Jah9 – Kush Kween
  5. The Fever – Redhead
  6. Efterklang – Circles
  7. Royal Coda – Even If
  8. Hubert Lenoir – DIMANCHE SOIR
  9. Chester Doom – Salt and Smoke
  10. Ajate – Kobockle

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