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Operation Manatee #370

Hey we’re back! Another Tuesday night in the Queen City – sans “queen” now. Maybe we should also retire that nickname now. Back to the “City that Rhymes with Fun” I guess.

It’s almost Radiothon time again, but before we jump into the annual CJTR fundraiser, we have another episode of new, top-of-mind radio goodness. Tune in at 11:00 pm MST on 91.3 FM within city limits or online at

  1. Cyborg Octopus – Trash Island
  2. Frayle – Bright Eyes
  3. Ken Mode – But They Respect My Tactics
  4. Status/Non-Status – Genocidio
  5. Irving Force – Do Your Job
  6. Reggie Watts – Space Is A Place
  7. Numb Tongues – Dance
  8. Thunderheist – Jerk It
  9. Cheek Face – We Need a Bigger Dumpster
  10. Horace Andy – Midnight Scorcher

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