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Operation Manatee #355

Yay! We’re back. Holy hell! It’s been a while. Tune in and let’s have some fun. 🙂

  1. The Black Diamond Heavies – Take A Ride With Me
  2. Rich Aucoin – We’re In It Together (feat. Planet Booty, TWRP, Brian Wecht)
  3. The Sheepdogs – So Far Gone
  4. Tanika Charles – Hold Me (Like a Grudge)
  5. Trombone Shorty – Lie To Me
  6. Royal Canoe feat. NNAMDÏ – Scratching Static
  7. PRIMUS – Follow The Fool
  8. Daniel Johns feat. Van Dyke Parks – Emergency Calls Only
  9. Psycho Stick – Chimi Changas

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